Veterans Yoga Project – Veterans Gratitude Week Nov. 3-12, 2017

Veterans Yoga Project (VYP), a non-profit organization that supports recovery and resilience among veterans, their families and communities, is hosting its fourth annual Veterans Gratitude Week on Nov. 3-12. This special week encourages communities to show their gratitude to our veteran families by attending or signing up to teach a donation-based yoga class that supports VYP programs. There will be more than 500 classes happening across all 50 states in support of this cause.

“Yoga instructors are invited to teach one donation-based community class, allowing their community to practice yoga while holding a space of gratitude in their hearts for the families that have served in the Armed Forces,” said Dan Libby, founder and Executive Director of VYP, which was founded in 2010. “Anyone and everyone is invited to attend one of these classes to support, in a tangible way, the men and women who support us.”

Funds raised from Veterans Gratitude Week will be used to bolster all the amazing Veterans Yoga Project programs, which include: Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery teacher training,  yoga classes offered to veterans taught by VYP teachers and healing retreats. These programs account for 79 percent of VYP’s expenses, which are free, or offered at nominal cost, to veterans.

“In addition to training yoga instructors in Mindful Resilience, we provide healing retreats for veterans and families, and fund ongoing yoga programs at veterans treatment programs, student veteran organizations and other community-based veterans service organizations,” Dan said. “We now have a large village of veterans and civilians sharing tools for resilience and recovery.”


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