In yoga, breath is the most important element. Yoga literally means breath with movement and it is the driving force behind your entire practice. It informs each movement, guides the flow, and allows you to work through the most difficult of sequences.

In life, breath can serve much of the same purpose. It’s the one constant in your life and it’s something you can always come back to in moments of stress and worry. Breath is a reminder that you’re alive, you’re present, you’re OKAY. No matter what else is happening in your life, your breath keeps you moving and it’s always there to support you. Literally and figuratively.


In yoga, drishti refers to your gaze. It is the basis for developing a focused intention and concentration during your practice. As you move through different poses your drishti changes, but it’s meaning never alters. It keeps your grounded and focused on what you’re doing in the present moment. It keeps your mind from wandering and it keeps you centered. Drishti is one of the most important elements for entering a state of meditation.

In life, your gaze can be your focus on your goals, hopes, and dreams for your life. What you set out to do can be accomplished if you stay focused, work hard, and keep your aspirations in mind. Gazing towards your future and striving to make a better tomorrow for yourself gives you something to base an intention on. Everyday you can set out to accomplish certain things and stay on top of your obligations.

FOUNDATION…(udiayana bandha)

In yoga, the foundation of your practice is keep your legs, core, and arms engaged in every movement. They create a strong base for each pose and my ‘turning on’ these body parts you light up your muscles and really work your body. These key body parts also give you all the strength behind each posture. They inform each thing you do in your practice and they allow you to explore the possibilities that your body has. Rooting your legs in every posture, lighting up your hands, and tightening your core builds awareness and also keeps you safe from injury.

In life, your legs, core, and arms are what literally carry your through every. damn. day. The saying goes: “As the foundation is laid, so the walls of the house will rise.” So keeping these body parts strong and stable is key to staying healthy. They are your bodies powerhouses and you shouldn’t go a day without be grateful for all they do for you.


In yoga, heat is all around you. The room is literally heated…but more importantly heat is created within you. From your focus, from your core, and literally from all the movement you’re doing. The heat enhances strength, increases flexibility, improves posture, gives mental clarity, balances blood pressure, and improves ability to concentrate.

In life, heat is the fire within you. Your passion. Your drive. Your determination. It challenges you, but it also keeps you motivated and keeps you moving. 

FLOW & MOVEMENT…(vinyasa)

In yoga, vinyasa is the culminating element. It is what all the other pillars lead to. The flow and the movement of the class. You can’t have this pillar without the others. It is literally the linking of body movement with breath specific sequences, the setting of an intention for one’s personal yoga practice, and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

In life, movement is all around us. We need physical movement to stay healthy and happy. But as I always say, movement should be natural and fun, NOT FORCED. So try to incorporate movement into your day by doing what you enjoy. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Also, life has its own sort of ebb and flow. Sometimes there are high points and peaks, and other times there are low points and valleys. But each experience gives us something to learn from. We are defined by everything we go through and can improve based on everything we are forced to face.